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Gerold Wunstel is more than just a pretty face. He is an avid collector of professions and cities, totaling eight different careers in ten cities in Europe and the U.S. A true modern Nomad. Born in Germany near the border of Alsace - Lorraine, Gerold was an almost autistic child, sitting in the back of the class or lurking in the last row of movie theaters, spending endless hours watching films from around the world.

As an adult, he planned to become a banker to follow in his father's footsteps, but instead used all his savings to buy a Volkswagen bus to travel and see the world he knew only from films.

In former West-Berlin, he worked as a security chauffeur for the German Government. He became involved with "Die Neuen Wilden" (a new expressionistic painting movement) in the early 1980s and began to paint and sell his work. He later moved to Munich to work with children afflicted with Downs Syndrome; lived in Hamburg where he volunteered in a hospital, worked in Detroit with abused teenager, trained as a commercial pilot in Dallas, Denver and San Francisco; was certified as a British hot-air-balloon pilot; coached professional tennis, trained as an EMT in preparation for a firefighting career, which was interrupted by his success as a hand model. Gerold  worked as a banker, butler, private chauffeur, counselor, realtor for several years; ran marathons; then opened a dance club in Bavaria, where he learned to chain smoke. Now he resides in Berlin and Los Angeles, where he works as a film actor, hand model, producer and screenwriter.


In addition to his native German, he speaks French and masters the Estonian sign language.

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